Ep. 15: Becoming a Behaviour Detective


Disability Programs Specialized Services
Disability Programs Specialized Services

The podcast of the DPSS team at the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay.

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Becoming a Behaviour Detective (Episode 15)

Have you ever wondered why someone behaves the way they do? Have you ever wondered what those behaviours are trying to communicate? Applied Behaviour Analysis helps us understand what those behaviours are trying to tell us and guides us towards what to do next. Watch this video to learn how this approach can be added to your toolbox.

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Introduction to Behaviour Analysis (Episode 14)

In this episode, DPSS team member Trevor Friesen introduces us to Applied Behaviour Analysis (or ABA), and talks about some strategies for getting to the root cause of problem behaviours. Trevor also gives some suggestions about how to think about solutions for diffic

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What is ADHD? Q&A (Episode 13)

As part of the DPSS training week in March 2021, Aimee-Elizabeth Parsons and Trevor Friesen did a session entitled “What is ADHD?”. That session was based on Episode 3, which you can watch here. In this episode, Aimee and Trevor tackle some of the questions that they were asked during and after their session.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Q&A (Episode 11)

During the DPSS training week in March 2021, Cynthia and Bethany did a session on autism spectrum disorder. There were so many good questions at the end of the session, that they couldn’t all be answered. In this episode, Bethany and Cynthia take the time to answer some of the questions they couldn’t get to then.

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Introduction to Disabilities: Q&A (Episode 10)

During Disability Programs Specialized Services Training Week in March 2021, the episode An Introduction to Disabilities (Episode 2) was played in a live session moderated by Sophie-Anne Scherrer, OT and Dana Lawlor, S-LP. Toward the end of the session, the audience were able to ask questions to Sophie-Anne and Dana.

In this episode, Sophie-Anne and Dana revisit their answers to some of the questions ask during the live event, and answer a few that they couldn’t get to then

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