Language Development & Disorders: Q&A (Episode 12)

This is Part 3 of our series on Language Disorders and Development. In this episode, Cynthia and Dana answer some questions that were asked after their session on Language Development and Disorders in March 2021. You can watch the first two parts of this series here:

Episode 6: How Language Develops

Episode 7: How to Stimulate Early Language Skills

Some of the questions addressed in this episode are:

  • The difference between a delay and a disorder
  • The difference between language and communication
  • Helping students with language problems
  • When parents understand a child but others don’t
  • Why to bother with a diagnosis if I think my child will grow out of it
  • Heredity vs lack of stimulation
  • What to do when strategies aren’t working
  • Helping students who speak multiple languages