Ep. 15: Becoming a Behaviour Detective

Podcast Episodes

How to Stimulate Early Language Skills (Episode 7)

In this episode, Dana Lawlor (Speech Language Pathologist) and Cynthia Miller-Lautman (Occupational Therapist)  talk about some simple things that parents, educators, and family members can do to give their children exposure to language and help stimulate language learning.

How Does Language Develop? (Episode 6)

In episode, Dana Lawlor and Cynthia Miller-Lautman talk about how language develops in young children.  They share some signs that could let you know when a child might need extra help in learning language.

Let’s Talk About Autism Part 2 (Episode 5)

Cynthia and Bethany continue their discussion by looking at some things that can be put in place to help people with autism. They can also be helpful for people who do not have an Autism diagnosis.

Let’s Talk About Autism Part 1 (Episode 4)

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by repetitive behaviors and difficulty with social skills, speech and nonverbal communication.This the first episode in our two-part introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What is ADHD? (Episode 3)

In this episode of the DPSS podcast, Aimee Parsons and Trevor Friesen talk about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD.

Introduction to Disabilities (Episode 2)

Helping People with Disabilities Feel Comfortable Wearing Masks (Episode 1)

Swinging Upside Down Episode 3: Using Routines to Thrive During Self-Isolation (Part 2)

Swinging Upside Down Episode 2: Using Routines to Thrive During Self-Isolation (Part 1)

TRANSCRIPT: How to Stimulate Early Language Skills (Episode 7)

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