Ep. 14: Introduction to Behaviour Analysis
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Trevor Friesen

All About Me

The first day of school brings many changes to a student’s life. For example, they will likely have a different teacher, a different place to hang their coat, and a different classroom. During the phases of de-confinement, there may also be ongoing hygiene measures in your community.

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Podcast Episodes

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Q&A (Episode 11)

During the DPSS training week in March 2021, Cynthia and Bethany did a session on autism spectrum disorder. There were so many good questions at the end of the session, that they couldn't all be answered. In this episode, Bethany and Cynthia take the time to answer some of the questions they couldn't get to then.

Introduction to Disabilities: Q&A (Episode 10)

During Disability Programs Specialized Services Training Week in March 2021, the episode An Introduction to Disabilities (Episode 2) was played in a live session moderated by Sophie-Anne Scherrer, OT and Dana Lawlor, S-LP. Toward the end of the session, the audience were able to ask questions to Sophie-Anne and Dana. In this episode, Sophie-Anne and Dana revisit their answers to some of the questions ask during the live event, and answer a few that they couldn't get to then

Let’s Talk About Autism Part 2 (Episode 5)

Cynthia and Bethany continue their discussion by looking at some things that can be put in place to help people with autism. They can also be helpful for people who do not have an Autism diagnosis.

Training Videos

In this training, Julie Crousset, Social Worker, and Sophie-Anne Scherrer, Occupational Therapist, talk about long term support to clients with disabilities in Eeyou Istchee. They present the role of the Community Worker, the situations when case management is needed and how it works. This presentation is geared towards CBHSSJB local Social Services staff and managers, but it can also be informative for clients and families who need long term support.
Snoezelen room is a place where people of all ages can use their senses to relax. This webinar will teach you why it can help and how to safely use it with your clients or loved-ones. You will get concrete step-by-step instructions and watch some live videos of sessions.

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