Autism Spectrum Disorder: Q&A (Episode 11)

During the DPSS training week in March 2021, Cynthia and Bethany did a session on autism spectrum disorder. You can watch the videos from those sessions here: Let’s Talk About Autism Part 1 and Let’s Talk About Autism Part 2. There were so many good questions at the end of the session, that they couldn’t all be answered.

In this episode, Bethany and Cynthia take the time to answer some of the questions they couldn’t get to then.

Some of the questions and topics covered in this episode are:

  • Is autism linked to drug use?
  • Is having an older parent a cause of autism?
  • Is autism the same as Asperger’s syndrome?
  • How early can autism be detected?
  • Encouraging hesitant parents to seek diagnosis for their child.
  • Autism spectrum disorder and service animals.
  • Helping families use visual schedules.
  • Educating students about autism.
  • What are some autistic people picky eaters?

Useful Information

MIRA: https://www.mira.ca/en/programs/guide-dog-kids-asd

Autism Spectrum Disorder Fact Sheet (PDF)