Ep. 15: Becoming a Behaviour Detective

The DPSS Team

Aimee-Elizabeth ParsonsCoordinator DPSS & Jordan's Principle Coordination
Emily WeistcheAdministrative TechnicianAdmin Support for DPSS
Arnaituk Gagnon-AuclairPPROPPRO Team Leader
Cynthia Miller-LautmanClinical Advisor (Occupational Therapist)Intervention Team Leader
France ChapdelaineClinical Advisor (Social Worker)Clinical Advisor: Chisasibi Pole
Julie CroussetClinical Advisor (Social Worker)Clinical Advisor
Karissa De CotiisClinical Advisor (Social Worker)Clinical Advisor: Mistissini Pole
Catherine LangevinClinical Advisor (Social Worker)Clinical Advisor: Waskaganish Pole
Bethany HartroppClinical Advisor (Occupational Therapist)Clinical Advisor: Out of Region Placement (ORP)
Trevor FriesenBehaviour AnalystRegional and Community Support
Heather ParsonsPPROPPRO: Special Needs Educator (SNE) Project
Sofia MoralesPPROPPRO: FASD and Other Disabilities
Deseray RichPPROPPRO: Jordan's Principle
Jessyka SimardAdministrative TechnicianAdmin Support for Jordan's Principle
Nasrin JazayeriPPROPPRO: Out of Region Placements


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