A Community Life For All: Q&A (Episode 9)

During the DPSS team’s training week in March 2021, we received a lot of questions at the end of each session. While we were able to answer some of the questions, we couldn’t get to them all. In this episode, Sophie-Anne and Bethany answer some of the questions that were asked during the session “Inclusion: A Community Life For All”, which you can hear or watch by checking out Episode 8 of the DPSS Podcast.

Some of the questions they address are:

  1. What can be done about existing inaccessible homes on territory?
  2. If the costs are similar, why aren’t buildings built in an inaccessible fashion?
  3. How can we include an Autistic adult in a community that is not built with them in mind?
  4. How can we get recommendations for adaptations?
  5. What can be done to help adults and elders get out of their comfort zone and be more willing to participate in community events?

Download our inclusion fact sheet (PDF)

Download the PDF