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ONE Simple Tip for Making Old Toys Feel New

“My kids have lots of toys at home but they don’t like them anymore.  Even their favorite toys seem boring. What should I do?”

Think about the last time you went for a long walk on a hot day. Remember how thirsty you felt when you got home? You couldn’t wait to throw back a cold glass of water or two. Now imagine that after you filled your stomach with water, your friend offered you another glass; Would you want to drink more water, or would you say “no thanks”?

During confinement, your child has probably been playing with the same toys for a long time! It is not surprising they seem bored with their “favorite” toys.

You might feel that your child needs more toys but this is not always an easy task when you live in Eeyou Istchee. With your help and a little planning, it is possible to re-light your child’s excitement for the toys they already have!

Treasure Boxes

Think back to the last time you were truly thirsty. Try to remember how much you wanted that water and how soothing it felt when you finally took those first sips.

When you put some of your child’s old toys away for a short time, your child may become “thirsty” for those toys when they become available again.  


You will need two “Treasure Boxes” to store toys. They can be plastic tubs, cardboard boxes, or even old laundry baskets.


  1. Think of your child’s 10 favorite toys/activities
    1. If it is helpful, write them down on a piece of paper
  2. Put half of the items into one box and half into the other
  3. Put one box away in a closet where your child can not get to it and leave the other box out for your child to pick from.
    1. It may be best to prepare the boxes when your child is in bed. They are less likely to go peeking into the hidden box if they don’t know where you put it!
  4. At the end of the day, put the first box of toys away in your hiding place.
  5. The next morning, bring out the second box of toys for your child to choose from.
    1. Change boxes every 1-2 days

Growing bored of things is normal; it happens to everyone. This may happen more quickly if your child is not spending time at school or playing outside with their friends.

Treasure Boxes are a simple way to refresh your child’s excitement for old toys without adding to the growing pile you may already have.

If you are interested in learning more about the science behind your child’s interests and motivations stay tuned; more posts are coming soon!

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TRANSCRIPT: ONE Simple Tip for Making Old Toys Feel New

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